How to Cut a Tshirt Into a Tank Top

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for lots of people. Overtime, they may end up being also old, faded, or tarnished to wear. Rather than throwing the t shirt away, why not transform it right into a trendy tank top? There are 2 sorts of tank tops: fundamental container tops as well as racerback tank tops. Both are very easy to make. All you need are some scissors. You can complete the hems on a stitching maker for a neater look, but you do not need to; tee shirt textile does not battle royal.

Method 1

Making a Fundamental Container Top

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Find a storage tank top to use as a theme. Considering that you’ll be utilizing it as a model, see to it that the fit is ideal and also looks good on you.

If you do not have a container top to make use of as a design template, do not stress. You can still make a tank top.


Choose a tee shirt you will not mind cutting up and also turn it from top to bottom. The tee shirt does not need to fit well, unless you want a fitted container top. If the t shirt is a new tee shirt, wash as well as dry it initially. Textile has a tendency to reduce after you wash it the first time, and also you desire the shirt to be the appropriate size before you start servicing it.


Iron both t-shirts to eliminate any wrinkles. Also if your t shirts are already great and also smooth, it might be an excellent concept to do this. Decision smooth the textile as well as make it simpler to deal with.


Place the container top on top of the t-shirt, as well as straighten the shoulders. Lay the tee shirt flat on a table, then lay the storage tank top over it. See to it that the shoulders of the storage tank top are lined up with the shoulders of the t-shirt. Additionally, make sure that the front of both shirts is encountering upwards.


Pin the tank top to the t-shirt to maintain it from moving. Location straight pins all along the sides of the storage tank top. Take care to pin all the way through all layers of both t-shirts. This will keep the shirts from moving, and also make your cutting extra also.


Cut the tee, utilizing the storage tank top’s armholes and also neck line as an overview. If you ‘d like an ended up hem around the armholes and neck line, leave a 1/2- inch (1.27 centimeters) joint allowance. A finished hem is not a requirement for tee shirt storage tank tops, as the textile does not fray. An ended up hem will certainly look nicer, nonetheless.

If you don’t have a tank top to use as a guide, cut the sleeves as well as collar off of your tee. Think about folding the tee shirt in fifty percent prior to cutting it, so that both sides will certainly be even. [1]


Unpin the tank top from the tee and also put it away. Take the pins out and also put the storage tank top away. Make sure that the tee is still inside out at this moment. You won’t be transforming it best side out until the actual end.


Cut the front neck line as well as armholes bigger, if preferred. Some storage tank tops will have a reduced neck line in the front than in the back. The exact same chooses the armholes. Do not trim way too much off, if you plan on having actually ended up hems; bear in mind to leave a 1/2- inch (1.27 centimeters) seam allowance.


Fold up the cut sides down, pin them in place, and also press them level with an iron. Fold the edges down by 1/2- inch (1.27 centimeters). Protect the folds with straight pins, and also push them flat with an iron. When folding, make certain that you are folding towards the outdoors, not the inside.

If you would certainly such as the sides to be raw and un-hemmed, you can avoid this action. Tees are made from jersey product, which does not battle royal.


Sew the folded sides down making use of a 1/4- inch (0.64 centimeters) joint allowance. You can stitch by hand or use a stitching device for more professional, sturdy stitches.

If you are making use of a stitching device, attempt to use a stitch intended for weaved materials. It resembles a straight stitch, other than that it is broken up by a V every few stitches.

When you are done sewing, keep in mind to tie completions of the strings off right into tight knots, and to trim the excess tail finishes off.

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Get rid of the pins, transform the container right side out, and also attempt it on. The container top will be a little loose, unless you used an equipped t-shirt or trimmed the sides down.

Technique 2

Making a Racerback Storage Tank Top

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Begin with a tee you will not mind reducing up. Make sure that the t shirt is washed. If this is a new shirt, toss it right into the washing machine and also clean it; be sure to dry it afterward. Brand new t shirts may shrink a little bit after you wash them the first time. You want the tee to fit you correctly prior to you start sufficing and turning it right into a racerback.

A racerback storage tank top has broader armholes in the back, leaving a slim band of textile in between the shoulder blades.


Cut the sleeves off. Start from simply under the armpits, then reduced straight up towards the shoulders.


Cut the hem off your tee shirt, after that cut it to make a long strand. Cut right along the lower hem of your tee shirt, making use of the sewing as an overview. When you are done, you will certainly end up with a huge, fabric ring. Cut this ring apart, near to one of the side joints, to make sure that you wind up with a long, material strand. You will use this to embellish the rear of your tank top.


Trim the rear of the armholes into a racerback form. Transform the shirt over to make sure that the back is encountering you. Trim the rear of the armholes even more till there are only a few inches of fabric in between them. Beware not to reduce the armholes on the front of the t-shirt.

See to it that you cut the exact same amount from each side of the shirt.

Cut the armholes deep. They must be a couple of inches apart when you are done.


Cut a deep V-shape right into the rear of your tee shirt. Find the back center of the neck line, after that cut a deep V-shape. Keep the point of the V-shape between the armholes. This will aid maintain the textile from bunching up when you tie it up. [2]

Do not cut the front of the t shirt; you are just reducing the back. Racerbacks have a simple collar in the front.

If you prefer a simple racerback, you can skip this step, and wear your racerback. The following couple of steps will show you just how to make a fancier racerback.


Connect one end of the material strand to the base of the V-shape. Find the bottom of the V-shape and gauge up a few inches/centimeters. Take the textile hair you reduced from the hem of the tee shirt earlier, as well as connect it around that factor. The fabric strand need to be gathering the fabric between both armholes on the back of your tee shirt, [3] 7

Cover the strand around the fabric moving downward. Attempt to cover as tightly as you can, to make sure that the textile between the armholes turns into a “rope.” Quit when you reach all-time low of the armholes.


Wrap the strand back towards the top of the t-shirt and secure completion. You can do this simply by tucking the end under the injury material. For additional security, link the two ends of the hair together into a limited knot first.

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Consider cutting all-time low of your storage tank top to offer it a high-low look. Spread out the shirt down sidewards, to make sure that you see only the side seam, the armhole, and half of the front and back. Discover the folded up front side of the t shirt. Procedure up a couple of inches, after that start cutting downwards in the direction of the back of the t shirt. When you are done, your shirt will certainly be shorter in the front, and also much longer in the back. [4] Photo labelled Make a T T-shirt a Tank Top Step 21


Wear your racerback. You do not require to bother with hemming, since tee shirt material does not fray. Racerback t shirts are best for layering over bandeau tops as well as for exercising.

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Exactly how do I make a pencil skirt?

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Simply utilize a long-sleeved t-shirt and put it on so the neck opening is at your waist. After that, connect the sleeves in a bow either in the front, or back. Voila! You have a pencil skirt made from a t shirt!

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You do not require to complete the joints and hems on these storage tank tops, because t-shirt textile does not fray.

If this is your first time embroidery, think about using an affordable, old t shirt to exercise on. This way, if you ruin, you will not be throwing away something good.

Racerback storage tank tops are different from routine storage tank tops in that the arm holes are truly huge in the back

A seam allocation is the amount of fabric that expands beyond the stitching.

If you can not stitch and also can’t obtain anyone to stitch for you, make use of liquid stitch. It’s exceptional, economical and also works equally as well. It needs to be available in chain store.

Old tee shirts that you no longer wear are perfect for tank tops.

If your tee is extremely wide, you might intend to cut the sides down to make it slimmer. Stitch the sides support utilizing a 1/2- inch (1.27 centimeters) seam allowance.


Beware with the iron.

Points You’ll Need

Making a Standard Tank Top

Container top (as a pattern).

Tee shirts.


Straight pins.


Embroidery device (optional).

Matching string (optional).

Making a Racerback Storage Tank Top.

Tee shirts.


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